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Ab Glider Reviews
Ab Glider Reviews

Ab Glider Reviews

There are several hundred ab workout machines and devices on the market.These days a good set of abs is the most important part of the body,because that is what shows people that you are fit and sexy. All other parts of the body are peripheral it would seem. That is why we decided to do our research on the most prevalent Ab Glider reviews to see if this device stands a cut above the rest. Now, it should be noted that the Ab Glider is a self-powered device, instead of an electrical one. We will come back to this aspect later on in the review, and say why this is incredibly important.

What Is the Ab Glider?

I’m sure you’ve seen Elizabeth Hasselback on TV, promoting this product. Of course, as researchers, we have to look past the cameo appearance. This is somewhat important because this celebrity has staked her credibility on this product.

The Ab Glider is a device where you kneel on a pad. This pad is supported on a curved track that also swivels.  The power comes from the two handles that the user grips and swings his or her body from left to right on the swivel or forward and backwards on the curve. The interesting part about this device is that it works all the necessary parts of the abs, instead of only lateral or forward motion.

The Benefits and What Others Have Said

The best parts about this device are the fact that it is high resistance, high energy, andlow impact. You will not come out with severe back pain, and you will not feel other parts of your body becoming sore form this product. Most Ab Glider reviews have claimed major reductions in waistline in only a few weeks. It should be noted that the Ab Glider will not blast away calories or really work up a sweat, but its main focus is that it targets the most important parts of the abdominal section, in an extremely quick fashion.

That is the major part about this device that caught our attention about most Ab Glider reviews. It was not how online casinos low impact the Ab Glider seemed to be; it was just how quickly people trimmed their ab muscles that turned us on to the product. Here are what a few other Ab Glider reviews had to say:

“I bought this about 3 weeks ago and already see and feel the difference in my clothes and my lower back is getting stronger.” (Jmspeach from

“…The machine is perfect, and we recommend it to everyone, all shapes and sizes fit this machine, and we love it. It works great, and we are seeing the results and actually enjoying the workout. Worth every penny…” (Abigail from

Last, but not least, the device is mechanical and not electrical. This means that it relies on your motion, and will not end up needing maintenance nearly as often. It will also not use electricity if you are trying to be energy conscious.

Where Can I Buy?

Simply put, the best place to go for this product is right to the official website. Almost all the Ab Glider reviews we have seen have given it five stars, if they bought from the official website. The reason for this is that the reduced stars came from customer service issues from other websites. You can buy the product outright for $149.99 plus shipping and handling. There are also a bunch of other servicing plans and instructional DVD’s that they sell as well.


At a glance, almost all Ab Glider reviews that we have read say that the product works. Now, do keep in mind, that the ones that experienced success are the ones that used the product for at least 8 weeks. We would have to give it a very high rating, as the product seems to have been build extremely well, and has a high probability of success.

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