Does The Flex Belt Work?


There have been numerous advertisements regarding the Flex Belt. This product is supposed to firm and tone your stomach and abdominal muscles without the need for exercise. By wearing this belt just 30 minutes a day, you can over time, according to the Flex belt website, see and feel a noticeable difference in your stomach and abs. But are these advertisements just hype or does the Flex Belt work?

Studies of The Flex Belt

According to a 6-week study conducted by Professor John Pocari, a professor of exercise and sports medicine at the University of Wisconsin, not only does the Flex Belt work but it worked for 100% of the study participants. While no single study is absolute proof that any product works, it is nice to know that Flex Belt was actually put through the rigors of a study by someone whose expertise was in the field of exercise and sports medicine and could clearly report his findings.

Added to the initial study is the actual user reviews that abound on the Internet, all address the question “Does Flex Belt work?” These reviewers overwhelming suggest that Flex belt does indeed work and works well for most of the people who tried it. The most interesting reviews are those that have been written by people who admitted to trying the Flex belt for the sole purpose of proving the belt did not work and then found themselves completely surprised by just how well the belt delivered on its promises. According to the flex belt review from these doubting Thomas’s, the answer to the question Does Flex Belt work is a resounding yes!

In addition, the FDA itself has approved the Flex belt, which is paramount to saying that it does indeed work to strengthen, tone and firm those stomach muscles without the need for crunches and other exercises designed for such toning and firming.

How Does Flex Belt Work?

For most people simply knowing that the Flex Belt works is enough. However, for those of you who want to understand how the flex belt works the explanation is simple. The Flex belt uses the same EMS (electric muscle stimulation) that hospitals use to keep the muscle tone in comma patients to keep them from atrophying. It is a process in which electrical stimulation is used to contract and relax the muscles in the same manner they would contract and relax when doing exercises to firm your stomach muscles. It is that simple.

The belt has different intensity levels ranging from 1-100. Beginners should start at the lower levels and gradually increase the intensity. It should be noted, however, that the Flex Belt is no miracle device and that it is designed to firm and tighten your muscles over time, not overnight. The more toning you need the longer you will need to use the belt to get the desired effects.

So To answer the question Does the Flex Belt work?

The answer is, yes, when used properly the flex belt does work and when you use it in conjunction with healthy eating and additional exercise, not only will your abs and stomach benefit but you will also feel healthier all over. or Best ab Machine Reviews

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