Slimming Diets — Common Misconceptions


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When it comes to weight loss strategies, most people get easily swayed with what they read and see. Regardless whether the slimming diets are reliable or not, many won’t even bother doing further research as long as the tips claim to be effective. In order to be guided accordingly, read on to know more about the common weight loss misconceptions and the facts behind these myths.

Drinking plenty of water effectively helps lose weight.
True, water has numerous benefits to the body. In every diet strategy, drinking plenty of water everyday is highly recommended. However, this doesn’t directly result to weight loss. Weight loss likely took effect due to the fact that you are replacing carbonated drinks with a healthy alternative, and that is water.


Cutting calories drastically can result to faster weight loss.
Your body automatically switches to starvation mode when your intake of calorie borders on a low level. As a result, your metabolism tends to slow down in order to sustain your weight. This being said, you have lesser chances of losing weight when you are starving.


Eating less is the best strategy to lose weight.
Just like cutting calories drastically from your system which will just result to starvation, eating less also has a similar impact on your body. Though you might see yourself losing weight, this strategy will eventually backfire. This is because your body is designed to preserve enough energy for you to be able to function. Besides, the truth is that you are not losing fat this way, but mostly water. When under starvation mode, your body would hang on to its reserved fats which will just cause muscle tissue loss.


Counting calories isn’t necessary.
Well, if you are serious about losing weight, it is of utmost importance that you count calories. Rather than simply estimating your daily calorie consumption, record everything down instead. This should include the foods you ate with their equivalent calorie values along with your daily exercise or other related physical activities. Observe this process everyday. Consistency is the key to a proper diet. This may require a great deal of effort on your part, but keep in mind that this is very important for your weight loss program to work.


Eliminating sweet treats from the diet is important for weight loss.
One of the reasons why so many diets fail to work is because of deprivation. It doesn’t hurt to give yourself a treat every once in a while as long as you keep this at a minimum. Learn to enjoy desserts without overindulging on them.

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