Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals


Vitamins, minerals and supplements are essential substances that the human body needs in order to grow and develop. They work in specific ways in providing the body with the nutrient it needs to fight against diseases as well as maintain its current healthy state. That is why it is important for individuals to have an adequate knowledge about vitamins, minerals and supplements to help them maintain and achieve their optimal level of health.


What are vitamins, minerals and supplements? Vitamins are important substances that cannot be produced by the body. Every person needs small amounts of vitamins in order to grow, develop, and survive. There are two types of vitamins, the fat-soluble and the water soluble. The former are found in meat products, oils, fishes and are stored by the body in the liver. Thus, you do not have to consume them every day. The latter are mostly found in fruit and vegetables. They cannot be stored by the body. Thus, you need to eat foods that contain these vitamins daily.


Minerals also help in the growth, development and maintaining the health of the body. The body utilizes minerals in order to perform various functions such as formation of strong bones and transmission of nerve impulses. Some minerals are also used to produce hormones and maintain a normal heart rate. There are two types of minerals, macro and trace. Macro minerals are minerals which are needed by the body in large amounts such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. On the other hand, trace minerals are only needed by the body in small amounts such as iodine, manganese and zinc.


Supplements, on the other hand, are substances prescribed and taken by health providers in order to aid vitamins and minerals in keeping the body healthy and sound. They are commonly taken by people who need extra amounts of vitamins and minerals. It is often advised by medical practitioners to take vitamins and minerals supplements during the day after breakfast. Never take them on an empty stomach for they will pass out quickly in your urine.


You should consider taking vitamins, minerals and supplements in adequate amounts in order to prevent certain diseases caused by a weak immune system as well as avoid taking mega doses that are harmful to your body. Bear in mind that these essential substances work hand in hand to maintain the optimum level of health of an individual by helping him or her grow and develop.