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Weight Loss Equipment

Losing weight can be tricky, let alone getting that well-toned body. It requires an effort that is consistent and has a specific target. For instance, the accumulation of fats tends to occur most in the abdominal region. The result of this is a tummy People with such a problem will tell you how difficult it gets if you want to get rid of such fats. Without a doubt, it is not a walk in the pack. You might find yourself falling for anything that promises a fit body.

The bottom line is, body fitness and wellness requires a holistic approach. It is a process in which every single step is essential. Look, you might have heard of Flex Belts, Ab wheels, Slendertone, and treadmill. You know they are fitness equipment, right? But, how helpful can they be to you? When putting incorrect use, this fitness equipment will help you lose weight and stay in premier form.

Whether you are out to flatten your abs or workout the whole body, it should be done safely.

flex belt reviews

Role of Flex Belt Reviews in Getting Firm Abs
Flex belts promise firmed abdominals without spending much effort. The belts utilize electrical stimulation technology to help you achieve a stronger core.

Perhaps you have read about this belt in numerous flex belt reviews, and you have a rough idea of what they are. Here, we give the details of these belts.

Let’s begin,

What is Flex Belt?

A flex belt is a training belt that is usually wrapped around the abdominals section. The belt uses the electrical stimulation technology to tone the muscles around the abdomen. Mostly, the type of belt is called the Ab belt, for the reason that it is designed to firm all muscles found at the mid-section. The belt has a controller and three gel pads, which are responsible for sending out the electrical impulse into the deepest abdominal muscles.

How does the belt work?

Unlike most abdominal belts that simply vibrate, these belts utilize the latest technology. The belts are built with clinically tested and approved material; hence, the impressive results it gives. The belt works by sending the electrical signals via the gel pads into the muscles. The electricity stimulates the muscles to contract and relax. While exercising naturally, muscles contract and relax.

In short, the flex belt mimics the action of natural exercises but utilizing electricity. The better part is, this process is much faster, and it is not tiring. Such targeted training gives the desired results. While wearing the belt, the only feeling you’ll have is a pulsating one. The feeling is not painful.

You can use the belt daily while going on with your usual activities. For better results, use it for a minimum of 30 minutes. With the belt, you can alter the intensity of the stimulation to your best fit. Usually, the belt provides a scale of 1-to-15. Both men and women can successfully use the belt without experiencing any side effect. However, it will depend on the aim of the use. For instance, men work for six packs, while ladies work for a flat tummy.

So, for men, it would be great if they used the belt in conjunction with other methods to get the most excellent results. Beginners, intermediates, and experts can use the belts

Does flex belt really work?

A simple answer is, yes. The belts have proven their worth in toning, firming, and strengthening abdominal muscles. Besides, medical professionals have been using the belt for many years for therapy in individuals who were not able to exercise. Other doctors, the electrical muscle stimulation technology has a full application has been extensively used by sports scientists and athletes among other groups.

Use of the flex belt• According to flex belt reviews, the belt can be put to uses such as;
• Training
• Recovery
• Rehabilitation
• For cosmetic appearance


Whatever your fitness goal, Flex belt will help you. Combine it with other methods for better and faster results

How the Best Ab Wheel can be versatile in helping you lose weight

best ab wheel

An Ab wheel is perhaps one of the most common fitness equipment. Many people can quickly assume their importance because of its small size. It is small, yes, but an incredibly powerful tool that will give you a toned abdomen in an unimaginably short time. The benefits of this equipment are far much beyond the abdomen. It will strengthen your back, triceps, biceps, and hip muscles.

And that is not all,
There numerous ways to use the Ab wheel to get to your fitness level. Beginners, intermediates, and pros have their own categories of practicing styles. The most common Ab wheel exercises are Ab wheel plank, knee rollout, full stance rollout, narrow stance rollouts, V-rollout, knee tucks, oblique tuck, plank to pike, single arm rollout, bridge hold, and one leg rollout among others.
The choice of exercises you make highly depends on your level of fitness. Caution: do not use an Ab wheel alone. Have a training partner, especially if you are a beginner.

If you are getting interested in Ab wheels, you might be wondering about the types of Ab wheels available, right? Not all abdominal muscle toning wheels are the same. Every manufacturer strives hard, to bring to the market equipment that is easy to use, and that which will give desired results without causing injuries. Then what is the best ab roller ? The answer to such a question is not straightforward. While all wheels work for the good of your body muscles, their construction is meant for different categories of fitness level.

However, check for the following in an Ab wheel:

Stability allows you to roll your wheel comfortably. If a wheel wobbles, then it is outrightly dangerous. It might cause severe injuries to you. Nowadays, manufacturers make Ab rollers with wider wheels or double wheeled roller in an effort to make them more stable. Whatever, the manufacturer promises, consider how stable your wheel will perform. Experts, advise getting an Ab roller with rubber tyres.

Built of the wheel
You are going to use the wheel seriously. In essence, the roller will carry your weight. You need a device whose construction is solid, sturdy, and durable. Experts recommended stainless steel construction.
However, heavy-duty plastic, in combination with some metals, will do fine.

Type of wheel
The type of wheel is based on the number of tyres. There are basically two types, i.e., single-wheeled and double wheeled. If you are beginner, the double wheeled rollers are the best choice. They are straightforward to use, skid-free and of course very stable. On the flip side, single-wheeled rollers are an excellent option if you want to build endurance for the reason that they are difficult to control, making you work harder.

• Comfort
Making a roll out followed by a roll-in is not comfortable. But because you need the abs, you have to do it. You can make your workout more comfortable by buying a roller with padded handles. Nowadays, they come with ergonomic handles.

Do Slendertone Reviews affect your choice of slimming belts?

Weight Loss Equipment

Getting those six packs is no longer a big deal thanks to Slendertone. This company is famed for developing the famous electrical muscle stimulation belts. Their belts target the abdominal section hence the hype about getting the six packs.

Is it just hype?

According to slendertone reviews, the electric abdominal muscles trainers actually work correctly. The company has, in the recent past, focuses on improving the performance of its equipment rather than advertising. Currently, the belts offered at Slendertone keep a complete focus on improving your general fitness as well as tour core muscles strengthening. Whenever they have a chance, the company produces a new device that performs better than the previous version. However, all products are build o the best.

The standard features in all Slendertone products include;

• Built with the natural curves in mind: the belts are cut according to the shape of the waistline. Such a feature makes the belt to fit around the wait – natural curves perfectly. In turn, it gives fantastic compression resulting in a better abs toning.

• Employ the electrical muscle stimulation technology: experts prove the EMS technology that it strengthens and tones abdominal muscles. This technology has gained much popularity, and it is applied in numerous areas, including the sports arena and hospitals. For Slendertone, the belts have preprogrammed sessions that sends the impulses through the gel pads to the targeted sections of your cores.

• Lightweight: all belts come with minimal weight. That aspect makes them highly portable. You can wear them without feeling any weight.

• The LCD on the belt is essential in displaying your toning activities. Besides, top-not devices from Slendertone have memory function to check on your intensity.
Off course, it features a rechargeable battery to keep them running. This battery is recharged via a USB.

How does Slendertone help its customers achieve better results?

Slendertone products aim at not only giving you a six-pack but also, establishing a stronger core and sculpturing your abs. At the end of your training session, you’ll have proper posture and a stronger body. The company has a variety of training programs to help its customers achieve their fitness goal. The company advises the users to use the belt for at least 30 minutes each day of the week for a maximum period of 6 weeks.

You should note that the deepest muscle in the abdominal region is hard to stimulate (transverse abdominis). If these muscles are properly engaged, then a stronger mid-section will be established. Besides, you’ll get a stronger lower back.

Can the Best treadmill under 500 perform as expected?

best treadmill under 500

Treadmills stand out as one of the versatile equipment to get fit. While most people might think a highly priced treadmill is the most functional, that might not always be true. Most mid-range treadmills will give a capable workout session.

Prices might vary with brand, but the basics of a treadmill must remain the same. Much as highly priced counterpart offers upgraded features, it is crucial to work within your budget. The danger, however, is a too low budget might give a treadmill that won’t satisfy your workout needs.

The best treadmill under 500 should compromise on quality. As a matter of fact, the majority are packed with high performing features. When you buy such a piece of equipment, look for factors like: Deck size: the standard size of a treadmill deck is 20″ wide x 55″ long. The most treadmill that comes at a mid-range price has this feature. If you are looking a one, never for anything lower than this size.

Weight: weight goes hand in hand with size. While most high-end treadmill can weight above 300 pounds, the majority of the midrange types weight above 200 pounds. Such treadmills perform well too. Cushioning: is aimed at making your jogging, walking, and running comfortably. On top of the deck, there is usually a layer of cushioning material. The material seeks to absorbing shock, thus reducing stress on the feet and the lower body.


most mid-range priced treadmills have motors that have the average horsepower. Such power is enough for a regular workout at home. On average, a treadmill should have a horsepower of 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 for walkers, joggers, and runners respectively. Settings: best treadmill under 500, come with pre-set workouts. Some have up to 6 different. These features enable you to work out to the maximum.

Others features such as heart rate monitor, manual incline, pause function, and LCD consoles, also form part of these treadmills. It is essential also to check the maximum speed. As the price dictates, most treadmills under 500 come with a speed of between 6mph and 10mph


Keeping fit is neither expensive nor difficult. With flex belts, treadmills, and Ab wheels, it is easy to achieve your goal. You can read reviews on each item on how to use them because all of them are effective. In fact, combining all the fitness equipment in an exercises session will give you a healthier, stronger, and a great posture.

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