5 Best RV Steps Review and Buying Guide Part02


The best RV steps are those that fit your vehicle, your body and your life. It won’t be the cheap plastic step that you could slip on when wet. However, it may not be the electric scissor step that unfurls like an aircraft loading ramp. Because there is so much variation in what people need, we’re going to share a number of recommended RV steps so you can find the one best for you.

01 Product Name: Kwikee Brand Model 372261 Classic 32 Series Step Assembly with Logic Control Unit
and Power Switch Kit

If you don’t have the patience or physical ability to go, retrieve and install RV steps every time you stop, these are probably the best RV steps on the market. The three step configuration will extend at the push of a button. The wires and gears are weather-proof. We’re going to assume that someone considering electric stairs will consider the power draw worth the reduction in work that normally comes with RV stairs. The steps have a 7 inch rise, 9 inch run and 24 inch tread. This is sufficient for people with limited mobility (but not a walker) to get up and down the steps. These steps have a mounting bolt pattern of 8 by 22 inches. They’ll screw into the bottom of the RV frame and stay securely in place. Note that the stairs have a 300 pound weight limit. These may not be the best RV steps for those who are close to the weight limit. And that could include one adult stepping up to help another navigate the stairs. One of the downsides of this model is the weight of the stairs themselves. The entire assembly weighs about 60 pounds. This is hard to install unless you have that done by a professional.

• Sturdy
• Powered
• Easily navigated steps
• Hard to assemble and mount

02 Product Name: MOR/ryde International Model STP-4-30-03H Fold 4 Step 30″ Door

The MOR/ryde RV steps are a basic four step ladder. These steps are suitable for uneven terrain. You can adjust the feet to make the steps level. However, that has to be done manually. Once that’s done, the steps are stable. One benefit of this design is that the steps can be secured inside the door, assuming the dimensions are right. These steps are 34 inches by 34 inches by 70 inches. In some RVs built before 2014, the screen door can’t close with these RV stairs stowed in the doorway. There are several benefits of these dimensions. This gives you a wider overall step. In theory, two people could be on the stairs at the same time. Note that the steps themselves are not very deep, so you need to be careful when climbing them. You don’t have to worry about deploying the stairs once you reach your destination. Just twist the handle to release them. The downside is that the stairs could get bent if you just let them fall onto hard concrete a short distance down from the RV door. Nor can you deploy the steps if you park to close to something. There are periodic complaints that the product lacks installation hardware.

• Can be made level with uneven ground
• Store in the RV doorway
• Doesn’t fit all RVs
• Needs space to extend

03 Product Name: Lippert Components Model 678040 26″ Solid Step

These RV steps by Lippert have a roughly 26 inch step width. You can choose one of their models based on the dimensions of your RV door. This ensures a tight fit, and it means you can guarantee the Lippert RV stairs fit your RV. The stairs can be stored in the doorway of the RV when not in use, minimizing drag. One point in favor of this model is the 400 pound limit. It can support heavier people or full grown adults carrying heavy loads in and out of the RV. The installation is a mixed bag. The company provides all the installation hardware, but they don’t provide good instructions. You’ll probably need to drill some holes into the floor of the RV to make the stairs stay in place when not in use and secure them to the RV frame.

• High weight limit
• Can pick the model that fits your RV
• Weak installation instructions

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