5 Best RV Steps Review and Buying Guide Part 3

best rv steps

04 Product Name: MOR/Ryde DW International Model Stp-3-27-05H Fold 3 Step

These steps are designed for a 27 inch door, though they can fit doors between 26 and 27 inches. They have a relatively high nine inch rise. They are made for a nearly three-foot vertical distance. That makes these one of the best RV steps for tall trailers. Furthermore, you can adjust the feet so that the steps are level on uneven ground. That helps you keep your balance as you climb in and out of the vehicle. You can store these steps inside the doorway of most RVs. However, you need to pay attention to the dimensions, because they may not let you close the door if the collapsed stairs are too tall for your entryway. What if they do fit? Then you don’t have to worry about the RV steps causing drag on the RV or coming lose in the wind. They have a simple twist handle to release them and deploy them. An issue with these stairs is that the mounting dimensions are not always correct. You have to measure from the outside edge of the threshold to the mounting hinge to get stairs that work. They also aren’t easy for the average do-it-yourselfer to install.

• Can fit in almost any RV if you pay attention to dimensions
• Works with elevated trailer homes
• Store in the RV’s doorway
• Getting the dimensions right can be a pain

05 Product Name: Stromberg Carlson Model SMFP-2120 Manual Coach Steps, 7.75 Inch Rise

Stromberg Carlson is an RV aftermarket part manufacturer. The double step is sufficient to eliminate an awkward step up into an RV. Each of the two steps are roughly 20 inches wide. The 7.75 inch high step is easier for many people to navigate than a nine inch rise. This step is marketed as a Flexco-20 alternative part, though it actually ends up being two inches higher than the OEM steps. That will result in them dragging on the ground if used where Flexco-20 steps were installed. The solution is to check the dimensions instead of assuming these are a plug-and-play replacement for your current RV steps.

Conversely, these RV steps work with Forest River RVs just fine. One point in favor of this model is the non-skid surface built into the step. They also have holes to let water drain away. The steps extend and retract. This means they’ll collapse against the body of the RV when not in use, minimizing drag. They don’t always do so smoothly. However, they’re cheap and easy to install.

• Easy to install
• Can collapse against the body of the RV
• Not direct replacements for advertised OEM parts

Final Words

RV steps are under-appreciated until you fall out of the vehicle as you try to step down to the pavement. They’re overlooked until you struggle to help someone in and out of the vehicle. This is why RV steps are so popular and come in so many different forms. Identify what you need out of a set of steps and then pick the best RV steps for your application.

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