7 Best RV Door Locks Review and Buying Guide Part2


01 Product Name: RVLock Brand Key Fob and Keyless Entry Keypad

This RV lock by RVLock provides keyless entry to any part of your RV where you choose to install it. This makes it an option for those whose RV storage compartments or trailers lack keyless entry or have a broken lock. This RV keyless lock can be installed in place of your existing door lock. It doubles as a door handle. The durable handle is a wide recessed handle. This lets you open the door without the door handle dinging the paint on the other side of the door. This unit is unusual in coming with a wireless key fob. Use it to unlock the vehicle or storage compartment whenever you want. And you can get replacement key fobs if you lose yours. Note that the batteries have to be replaced in both the lock and key fob for it to continue working.

The 10 digit keyboard creates more than a million possible door codes, making it almost impossible to hack.

One downside of this model is that you can’t program your own code. The unit fits almost all types of campers. The roughly 4 inch by 3 inches to 1.5 inch door handle fits most trailers. One issue is that the inside handle isn’t as solid as the external handle. The push keys themselves are not as durable as some of the alternatives. For example, if you push the buttons too hard, they can get stuck inside the hole.

Pros and Cons
• Easy to use and comes with a convenient key fob
• Can install almost anywhere
• Flat profile
• Can’t use code of your choice
• Flimsy buttons

02 Product Name: RV Remote 4-Button Key Fob for RVLock Brand Keyless Handles

This isn’t a full lock set for your RV. It is just a fob transmitter for the RVLock brand keyless door handle and lock. This key fob is listed separately because it works with any RVLock brand keyless door handles. This means you can get wireless control over the door locks even if you bought one of their keyless RV locks that doesn’t have a key fob. You can use the keyfob as a universal remote for all of the “smart” door handles. Furthermore, you can typically set up more than one keyfob so that each person in your party has the same capability. The system lets you program up to ten key fobs for a single lock.

A side benefit of this keyfob design is that it has two different lock buttons. This allows you to unlock a
storage compartment lock or door lock without affecting the other one. Note that this relies on batteries that have to be maintained. The key fob can be connected to the standard key ring. That makes it harder to lose. Conversely, it can’t be paired up with a vehicle remote. Therefore, you can’t unlock the truck pulling the fifth wheel trailer and the trailer at the same time.

Pros and Cons
• Works with all RVLock brand keyless entry locks
• Easy to keep up with
• Can control access via multiple key fobs or targeting individual locks
• Doesn’t work with all keyless entry locks
• Can’t pair with car remote

03 Product Name: RVLock Brand V4 Keyless Entry Handle w/Integrated Keypad & Fob

This integrated keyless entry system combines the keyless entry system with a door lock to simplify installation. The unit works with the RVLock branded wireless key fob, but it also comes with one out of the box. You can also use conventional keys with this door lock. It fits standard door handles, if it is the 3.75 by 2.75 by 1.5 inch size. It is typically easy to install and doesn’t require any cutting to put in a door that has the right dimensions. A point in favor of this RVLock model is that the buttons are far more resilient. They can still wear out, but the buttons don’t get caught in the recess if you push too hard or at an angle. This is the best RV door lock for those who tend to damage soft push-in buttons. It needs 4 AA batteries and goes through them quickly. The door handle itself is fairly flimsy. It can break off after repeated hard pulls, and it may break after just a year or two of regular use. While you can get replacement key fobs rather easily, the rest of the unit is not easily repaired. A minor annoyance with this model is the loud beeping it makes while being used.

Pros and Cons
• Easy to install
• Works on almost all doors
• Better buttons
• Expensive
• Loud beeping during use

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