The Ab Rocket Review | Ab Rocket Exercises


Enthusiastically advertised as the way to turn that spare Tyre around your middle into rocket-hard abs, not forgetting the Flex master attachment (costing more, of course), that can help turn your Ab Rocket into a sort of Pilates machine for a full-body workout.

The hype burbles on, telling you that if you want sizzling hot abs and bikini-ready results, you should try the Ab Rocket for easy, effective crunches to get your body into the best shape of your life. Heady stuff – I was exhausted just reading it! The infomercial includes the usual shots of ripped guys and stunning girls in teeny-weeny bikinis. You know what I mean 

The unique selling point of the Ab Rocket is to get you up off the floor and into a perfect position for doing crunches without hurting your back, and the padded rollers of the backrest are meant to give you a soothing massage at the same time.  For your money you get the Ab Rocket machine, 4 fat-busting DVD workouts, variable resistance springs and the usual low-calorie meal planner.  A 30 day risk-free trial is offered and you get all this for $99.99.

So does it work?  Can you Rocket your way to perfect abs with this machine?  Read on and find out!


Does indeed get you up off the floor and into a supported position to work your abs; very good if you have back/neck problems or don’t know how to do situps properly.  A number of users began to see reductions in their waistline within around three weeks.  The Ab Rocket is convenient to use and is portable, and the Flex master attachment gives a reasonable Pilates-style workout.  And how many other exercise machines can you get for under $100?


Yet again, poor customer service and misguiding free-trial information caused the worst complaints about the Ab Rocket.  The quality of the machine is just about acceptable, but some users grumbled that the resistance is not strong enough and the machine can be quite uncomfortable to use.  And the back massage seems to be nonexistent!

To buy or not to buy?

the Ab Rocket is reasonable value for money and will indeed do what it says on the tin – strengthen your abs while supporting your back.  But that is all it will do; you can spot tone your abs till you’re blue in the face, but this machine will not help you reduce the fat covering them. You need to do other exercise as well.

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