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Abs Machine

No thanks to the zealous marketing in infomercials of the many types of the abs machine, we have so many misconceptions, even urban myths, of what it can and cannot do.  And so, we continue to purchase these pieces of abdominal exercise equipment in the hope of getting the six-pack abs possessed by the models in aforementioned infomercials.

Well, before you fall into this trap, we suggest educating yourself on what abs machines can and cannot do for you.  Let’s start with what it cannot do – lessen body fat percentage, build muscles from the shoulders to the calves, increase strength, stamina and endurance, and give a whistle-bait figure.

Unfortunately, all of these desirable physical attributes come from a combination of hard work in resistance and cardio training, good genes from the ancestors, healthy diet and eating habits, and perhaps cosmetic surgery.  No amount of adjusting the gears on the abs machine will do the trick for you and for anybody else, for that matter.

Fortunately, the abs exercise machine can do plenty of good things if and when used in a regular manner.  When you can pour in the recommended time and effort on doing the abdominal exercises, you will enjoy the benefits of an increase in abdominal strength and an improvement in the appearance of abdominal muscle.

Again, we cannot overemphasize that not even the most expensive abs exercise machine can magically melt off abdominal fat, which covers the abdominal muscles underneath it.  You have to perform other things to melt off your belly fat such as eating the right kind of foods, engaging in cardiovascular and resistance training exercises, and even sleeping 8 hours a day.  (Obesity has been linked to insufficient sleep and extreme stress)

The abs machine will strengthen your abdominal muscles, sculpt them into respectable six-pack abs and keep the fat away if and only if you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Plus, you will not be bored on an abs exercise machine because it provides challenges that simple exercises on the floor cannot.

For example, crunches and sit-ups on the exercise mat can be boring after a few weeks of the same movements.  When the abs exercise machine is used, you will be able to perform a wider variety of movements and, hopefully, achieve faster and better results.

So, what are the types of abs machines to choose from?  There are many, of course, considering the entrepreneurial spirit of the fitness community with the following as the more popular:

  • Ab Lounge – You have to spend more than a few dollars on the Ab Lounge but the actual benefits can be well worth the price paid.  YOU will love it that your head, neck and back are well-supported so much so that feelings of soreness after exercise in these parts of the body are things of the past.
  • Ab Roller – Your workouts are better because of the assisted bounce during the crunches.  You only need to spend approximately $25 on the machine, which comes with a workout DVD and diet plan.

Indeed, the abs machine can be your friend in attaining six-pack abs.  But it is just a machine – get on it and use it.

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