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best ab belt

There are many different Ab workouts that you can carry out tone your core is, but I must say, the abdominal exercise belts like the Flex Belt appear to be a great way of strengthening, toning, and firming up your abs For best ab belt.

The body’s midsection is often the toughest part to control for many people, including myself. Ab toners come in various forms including belts and machines.

If you are wondering which one is right for you, continue reading my review to find out what I thought of six different products on the market today.

For the benefit of others, feel free to comment and elaborate on your personal experiences if you have used any of these products.

Abdominal Toning Belts

From personal experience, I have noticed that ab belts are commonly used for shaping abs and they use a special technique in order to target all parts of the abdominal area.

Many people enjoy using them because they produce great results and they are discreet at the same time. This means that they can be used while performing other activities.

That being said, ab toning belts do have certain limitations. If, for instance, you have fat deposits around your tummy area, you will need to take the necessary steps to get rid of it. Toning systems, such as these tummy belts, focus on working your muscles but they do not burn fat.

In cases where there are large amounts of fat surrounding the abdominal muscles, the electronic stimulation of the abdominal toning belt may not reach the muscles themselves and will, therefore, be less effective.

General Best Ab Machine

Ab machines are really great for strengthening your stomach muscles. By placing the emphasis on muscle building, you will also burn calories.

However, they’re not the perfect solution for those who are looking to lose weight to be slim. To lose weight you will need to implement an intense cardiovascular workout and a healthy eating plan as well as an ab workout if you want to achieve maximum success.

The Flex Belt appeared to have great reviews so I chose to take a closer look. I wanted to make my own comparison between this particular ab toner belt and other abdominal belts on the market. I wondered whether there were any major differences between the various products and, hopefully my reviews will help you make the right decision according to your own personal fitness and exercise needs.

A Closer Look At The Flex Belt

When I first looked at The Flex Belt, I was skeptical. I thought that it was just another wannabe ab machine out there to get people to waist their money in the hope of a better-looking body.

The Flex Belt Reviews

I also thought that they were marketing their product to target people who were just plain lazy and I couldn’t help but assume that a traditional workout would prove far more effective. But what got me thinking was when I saw the Flex Belt infomercial and was astonished when I witnessed the thermal photography tests.

During the infomercial, they used this technology to identify which muscles were being worked and compared it to those of a person doing traditional types of ab workouts, such as sit-ups. Traditional sit-ups, to my surprise, were not as effective at working as many muscles as using the Flex Belt!

The technology used in the Flex Belt is Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and it’s a fairly simple concept. Signals are sent through medical-grade Gel Pads to the body’s nervous system in the local area.

These signals cause your muscles to contract and relax and because the local nerves branch out the signals have a more extensive reach and can work more muscles that may not be in direct contact with the gel pads themselves.

The idea of getting perfect abs while sitting at my computer at work or watching TV was absolutely fantastic and very tempting. Of course, I still wondered just how effective this belt would be.

The Flex Belt versus Contour Ab Belt and Slendertone

The three ab belts are quite similar.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the main health and fitness governing body to ensure products are safe and these abs belts all have FDA approval. They all strengthen, tone, and firm up the body’s core muscles using the EMS technology and make use of Gel Pads that will, in time, need replacing. The main difference is mainly in the quality of each device.

All three of them have some great reviews but, it would seem as though, the Flex Belt has a better reputation than the Contour or Slendertone ab toning belts.

This is largely due to the fact that the intensity levels of the Flex Belt can reach 150 and, when it comes to progression, the intensity is very important.

You start off at a low level of intensity but as your ab muscles get stronger you will feel the need for a higher level in order to really challenge you. Low-intensity levels result in weaker muscle contractions and less pleasing results.

The Flex Belt can fit up to a waist size of 52” while the Slendertone and Contour Ab Belts are only able to support a waistline of up to 47”.

That being said, it’s important to remember that ab belts do not burn fat and just tone muscles. You will be better off losing weight first and then putting your abs belt to use.

As far as a discreet device is concerned, The Flex Belt and Slendertone are quite compact and lighter in weight compared to the Contour Abs Belt. This means that they are easier to conceal under your clothes. The bulky design of the Contour Ab Belt makes it harder to conceal and more uncomfortable.

The Flex Belt versus the Flex Intervene

Both of these belts are actually manufactured by the same company and use the same EMS technology. While the Flex Intervene targets many different areas of the body and the Flex Belt only concentrating around the abdominal core area. The Intervene will also allow you to work your abs, buttocks, upper back, lower back, biceps, triceps, calf muscles and back and front thighs,

You can use the Flex Belt to tone other body areas, but you will need to buy additional toning units that have been specifically designed for other body parts.

Not only does the Flex Intervene tighten, tone and strengthen muscles but it also relaxes, rejuvenates and helps gently repair your muscles. If you get knots in your back, you can use this device to help relieve your tension and pain.

The only thing that remains somewhat unclear is the intensity level of the Flex Intervene and how it measures up to the Flex Belt in that area.

Flex Belt versus. ProForm Ab Glider Platinum and Ab Rocket Twister

In short, the only similarity between these three body toners is that they both target your abdominal muscles.

The ProForm Ab Glider Platinum and Ab Rocket Twister will make you work for those toned abs, but they do help you burn calories whereas The Flex Belt uses the EMS technology to stimulate the muscles while you’re inactive.

The Ab Rocket Twister offers light resistance as you move up and down, which you don’t get when carrying out regular sit-ups. The twisting movement of the Ab Rocket Twister also helps tone your body’s core as it targets your obliques.

The ProForm Ab Glider combines two movements which are referred to as the Circular Burn and the Arc Crunch. These two motions create an ab workout and a cardiovascular workout.

The Ab Rocket Twister also comes with an eating plan and five workout DVDs. The ProForm Ab Glider also comes with a meal plan and three workout DVD’s and both machines seem quite durable.

The Ab Rocket Twister has adjustable head support that helps to reduce the strain on your neck, while the ProForm Ab Glider looks like fun but could be hard on the knees.

These two machines were chosen as part of this comparative review because they seem to boast the same or similar results. Of course, using any kind of machine or exercise equipment will require a lot more effort than when using the Flex Belt. On the other hand, unlike belts, machines help you burn fat.

Do Ab Belts Work, Does The Flex Belt Really Work and What Is The Best Ab Belt

I always hear questions like, do ab belts work, or does the flex belt work and my answer to that is ‘Yes’ the do.

All of the aforementioned products are great for toning your abs.  They all have good reviews and offer some kind of money-back guarantee making it a no-risk purchase.

The Flex Intervene is interesting but the intensity levels will need to be clarified in order to ascertain just how effective it will be in the long run. There’s no real point in buying something that will only help you progress slightly.

However, Before choosing which one you would like to opt for, it is essential that you consider whether you have fat deposits around your abdominal area.

Our Flex Belt Results And Final Review

If you don’t have too much belly fat, then the ab belts do work, with the Flex Belt being the best ab belt and a great choice, in our opinion, for many of the reasons mentioned throughout this review, but one main one, The Flex Belt offers higher intensity levels, which will give you better results.

With the option of high-intensity levels, you will always feel challenged and your muscles will have a real chance at progress instead of only meeting your needs halfway. Should you need to lose a lot of weight, one of the ab machines that carries out cardiovascular exercises, mentioned earlier, would be a better solution.

An ab toning machine and the right eating plan will help you lose the weight you need before investing in an abs belt to help you really define your abdominal muscles. After putting in the work and effort to lose weight, you have all the more reason to treat yourself to regular Flex Belt workouts.

Go about your regular business while your muscles work and you get the abs you’ve always wanted!

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