CAMPING COTS REVIEW Strategies For Beginners


Depending on your approach, camping can sometimes be miserable or enjoyable. Pitching your tent on a rocky ground assures you of a hard time sleeping. Camping is an excellent way of reconnecting with the environment away from the hassle of the city.

You do not have to be close to the ground just because you are closer to nature. Camping cots give you the luxury similar to that of your home if you are seeking to enjoy your holiday away in the woods or the mountains.

Despite a sleeping bag being an option for camping, camping cots are comfortable too. They give you that bed like comfort, enhancing your night camping experience. Some people do not like sleeping on the ground for the fear of snakes and crawling bugs. If you are one of them then the camping cot is the preferred option.

There are many camping cot brands to choose from.

It can be confusing and tricky when trying to select the most suitable one. There are many camping cot brands out there which claim to sell the best camping cot products. This pops up the question: Which is the best camping cot for you? This review is designed to assist you to make an informed decision when selecting a camping cot.

In this review, we will showcase our best selection in the market. We will also provide a guide with the important features you would need to consider upon choosing a suitable camping cot. Make sure that your hard-earned cash is invested in the most suitable camping bed.  For the best camping cot, we recommend the Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot.

Comparison Table for Camping Cots for Sale.

Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot

(The Best)

Redcamp Folding Camping Cot for Adults


Alpcour Folding Camping Cot


Marchway Ultralight Folding Tent.


Teton Sports Outfitter Camp Cot.


Durable fabric Y Y Y Y Y
Strong frame Y Y Y Y Y
Lightweight N Y N Y N
Accessories Y Y Y N N
Multipurpose Y Y Y Y Y
Rating 5 5 5 5 4.5

Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot

The Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot is very reliable and comes with a fancy side table. This collapsible cot is good for camping at car accessible places. It can be used at trailhead hotels, open-air festivals, beaches, and vacations. You do not have to worry about sudden guests who have come for a sleepover. The Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot has got you covered.

Since this Pack-Away Cot is collapsible, it can be stored in the carry bag of 102cm by 15cm by 15cm. Getting the cot to the car and storing it at home is not a challenge. The cot is wide enough offering a lot of space. It measures 203cm by 81cm. You can use the biggest sleeping pads whenever you need them. There is also an elevation from the ground measuring 41cm high protecting you from dangerous creeping insects and snakes.

The Coleman Pack-Away Camping Cot is a durable product with strong polyester material and steel frame. Setting up this camping bed is extremely easy and you do not need any tool to assist you. You will be done within seconds.

One feature that adds to the uniqueness of this cot is the adjustable table at the side. You can put your water bottle, coffee cup, a lamp or other item that fits there.

You should also figure out whether the cot can fit in your tent. Take into consideration that it is 43cm in height. Some small tents have a height of 100-110cm. Therefore, the cot will not fit in such small tents. Due to the removable table, the cot would require an additional width space of about 203cm by 112 cm.

Another factor to consider is that the cot is a bit heavy and not designed to be carried across long distances. But the weight should not be an issue if you are using a car. It is a reliable product that has been around for some time. Therefore, it stands the test of time and we recommend it.


  • Can easily fit individuals of up to 6 ft
  • Has a weight limit of supporting up to 300 lbs
  • Can be easily set up within a minute
  • Used both outdoors and indoors.
  • It can be easily stored since it collapses into a foldable form
  • It has a customized side table with a cup holder.
  • The strong steel frames are rust-resistant.


  • May not be shipped to some countries.
  • Probably too big for a smaller tent.

Redcamp Folding Camping Cot for Adults

This cot is lightweight and collapsible. It comes in two sizes, the oversize and standard and various designs to suit the end customer. The Redcamp Folding Camping Cot for Adults is in the group of collapsible cots. It reduces to a smaller package in its packed state to about 104cm by 23cm by 17cm. The cot can be portable to only short distances considering its lightweight of 6.35kgs.

It comes with a customized headrest which is convenient; hence, you do not need a pillow. It is a multipurpose and versatile tool which is convenient for places with car access. It is also good for hunting and for other outdoor activities that will not require you to carry it for long distances. You can also spare it for use as an emergency bed during sleepovers. If not in use it can be stored in its bag to protect it from dust.

The Redcamp Folding Camping Cot almost requires no setup. All you need to do is remove it from its bag, open it, and spread it in all four corners from the middle just like an umbrella. Once you finish using it you just need to fold it back together in an opposite manner as you unfolded it. It opens and closes smoothly without any tools.

It has a complicated metallic structure which has 13mm tubes made of steel and ten feet on the ground. The feet have a rubber stopper for support which prevents it from piercing through the tent. The material is made up of breathable polyester making it strong and durable. The weight is also evenly distributed and lacks end bars for its full-length usability.

The Redcamp Folding Camping Cot for Adults is high enough for storing stuff under. Its numerous legs, however, limits the size of stuff to store. A demerit is that due to its height it cannot fit in some solo tents. Using it in a much bigger tent leaves enough comfortable space.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • Has an integrated headrest
  • It is inclusive of a carry bag


  • Not suitable for very tall and extremely heavy people.
  • Cannot fit in smaller tents.

Alpcour Folding Camping Cot

This type of cot is a good example of a lightweight and sturdy cot. A camping cot should not always be a heavy one. It weighs 13 pounds and can support up to 300lbs. It is the ultimate choice for campers of any size or age. The pillow that comes along with the cot provides neck and head support. The side pocket feature makes it easy to store accessories or food.

When not in use, the cot can be folded and easily carried around until its next use. The breathable polyester makes the Alpcour Folding Camping Cot strong and durable. The steel frame reinforces the material giving it extra strength for weight support. It is also easy to clean and water-resistant as well. If you are looking for a high-quality portable cot, the Alpocur Folding Camping Cot will surely give you value for your money.

The collapsible frame makes it easy to set since no tool is required to place it. It is easily foldable before and after use saving your time and energy. The sleeping surface is about 26 inches wide by 75 inches long and 15 inches high. It can also fold to about half its original size into its nylon bag.

This cot has been designed with durability and comfort in mind. The pillow and headrest are customized to enhance comfort while relaxing in the wild. The pillow that comes along with the cot is worth it since not many cot sellers give free pillows.

Before we head to the next cot review its important to state that you do not need pillows, sheets or a mattress pad. The Alpcour Folding Camping Cot provides you with the natural comfort that you need as you interact with nature. You can even take the cot to the beach, backyard or backpacking.


  • Has a weight limit of 300 lbs
  • It comes with a pillow that is in-built.
  • The side pocket makes storage easy
  • It is made from a water-resistant material
  • Very easy to clean.


  • Cannot support over 300 lbs weight.
  • Pretty heavy

Marchway Ultralight Folding Tent.

This cot is backpack portable and collapsible which gives value for your money. The folding part in the above title can be misleading since it means that it does not require assembly. It is a collapsible cot that would require assembly. When the cot is packed it shrinks to about 43cm by 14cm. It has separate elements making it a bit different from other folding cots that are usually pre-assembled.

Due to its lightweight of 4.7lb, you can easily attach it to the backpack and carry it during hikes. It might not be a choice among backpackers due to other lighter options but it is convenient for motor bikers or cyclists on a tour across the country. Apart from its outdoor use, it can be of help at home for emergency sleepovers.

The Marchway Ultralight Folding Tent consists of two sidebars, bed deck, and 5 legs. The metallic structures are made from aluminum and the material is made from ripstop nylon. Since the cot needs assembly it is done without extra force or tools.

Spread the deck and put the sidebars inside the sleeves. Note that the sidebars have a shock cord and losing any of the segments is hard. Then add the shock-corded legs which are attached to the feet. It is important to note that this cot does not have end bars thus keeping you safe from pressure points. The length is used to its fullest. The cot also does not have bars under the deck making it comfortable to sleep on in any angle.

This cot has a height of 6.5 inches making it suitable for use in any tent. It can also be used as a tool for a larger camping tent since sleeping off the ground is more comfortable and safe from crawling insects and snakes. The legs have a floor-friendly design with flat rubber feet that do not pierce through the tent.


  • It is easy to set up
  • The size is reasonable
  • Versatile
  • Packable and light.
  • Affordable price.


  • Not suitable for very tall people.
  • Probably small for bigger people

Teton Sports Outfitter Camp Cot.

There is no doubt that you would want a cot that has stood the test of time. Some cheap cots do not meet the requirement since they are made from cheap material that does not last for long. Spending little on a cheap camping cot is no different from throwing your money away.

This Outfitter camping cot is large measuring about 85 by 40 by 19 inches. It is long enough for 6’12’ tall people. It is wide enough that you do not have to worry when turning in your sleep. It is 19 inches high hence convenient for those with walking issues.

A frame at the base of the cot made from aluminum is rust-resistant and durable. It ensures stability and offers amazing support of 600 lbs. The legs are S-shaped and made from steel and are fitted with rubber bushings for absorbing shock enhancing support. The legs have plastic stoppers to ensure that the floor or your tent does not get damaged.

The fabric of the Outfitter is made from 600D heavy-duty brushed polyester. This choice of fabric is common in camping cots. However, what stands out is the wide sleeping space. You can also enhance your sleeping experience with the Teton Sports Camp Pad.

There is no effort required to set up and put it away after the initial assembly. The design is two-fold and measures 42 by 12 by 7 inches when folded making it convenient for transport and storage. The camping cot is lightweight measuring 26 pounds and is easily carried around using the storage bag.

We realize that the main advantage of this cot is its large size. Despite the strength of the cot, no one would need the 600 lbs weight. However, the space is large enough giving extra room. The outstanding features of the Teton Sports outfitter Camping Cot give good value for your money and the warranty is a pleasant bonus after all.


  • Spacious regardless of an individual’s size.
  • Very sturdy and well made.
  • Supports heavy weight.


  • Can’t fit in smaller tents.
  • Takes up a lot of space when folded.


A camping cot is heavier than a sleeping bag and this is a fact. So would you consider getting one? If you ask me it would be because a cot guarantees you safety from crawling bugs and snakes since you are off the ground. Being elevated makes you feel comfortable and safe when sleeping in the woods. The airflow due to the elevation keeps your bed cooler during hot summer weather. Another advantage is that when you get home from your camping trip you can use the cot as a bed for emergency sleepovers.

There are several factors that you should consider when purchasing a camping cot. Buying a camping cot with these factors in mind guarantees that you get the best cot that fits your needs.


Some camping cots have a poor design and lead to uncomfortable sleeping experiences. You must ensure that the cot is comfortable for your body. In case you are tall, ensure that the cot can extend to fit your full height. It is very uncomfortable to sleep when your legs are tucked in or when you are hanging off the cot.

Compare the length and width of the cot and the tent floor. Ensure that there is a few inch space that other people can use. The height of the cot is important too since it provides storage space underneath. This is a benefit for a small tent. Furthermore, most camping cots come with side tables and storage pockets. The width of the cot is as important as the length since you would not want your shoulders on top of the frame. Save yourself a miserable night.


Consider your weight and the weight of the cot. Some cots are constructed from lightweight material to make carrying them easier. This is important for storing and carrying more cots with minimal effort. Lightweight materials sometimes are not durable. Check out the weight rating of the cot to figure out if it can withstand your weight. You can bet that it will not be fun waking up on a cold and hard ground in the middle of the night.

The strength of the fabric

It is important to check out the cot’s fabric. It is normally rated in “D” or Denier. The higher the ‘D’ the better the strength and quality. Not all manufacturers reveal the Denier so you will have to trust the weight rating. 600D is the minimum you should consider in case it is indicated in the cot.

Better quality cots have a ‘ripstop’ fabric. It does not tear easily as compared to ordinary fabric and lasts longer.


Look out for high-quality frames. Cheap frames easily collapse and break rendering the cot useless. A torn fabric is easily repairable or replaceable. However, a broken frame makes the cot useless and ends up being thrown away.

Consider the thickness of the joints and the frame. A cheap cot will be made from cheap joints and thin metal which have difficulty in flexing.


You do not need to break the bank when purchasing a camping cot. We have just reviewed the best sleeping cots for camping there are from the inexpensive to the costly ones. However, the cot that suits your needs is always the best.

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