Does The Flex Belt Work?

Does The Flex Belt Work
Ab Belt & Roller

One problem that many people encounter when trying to get into shape is difficulty in toning the abs. Of course, toned and honed are words that we would all love to hear about our abs but it can be difficult to achieve this look. Exercise is a valuable part of getting toned and into shape and doing the right exercises can really help to tone, shape, and strengthen the abs so that you can get a great six-pack.

There are a number of different products on the market designed to help people to strengthen and tone their abdominal muscles and one of these is the Flex Belt. The Flex Belt has actually been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration for the strengthening and toning of the abdominal muscles.

How does it work?

The Flex Belt is a convenient device that will cause the contraction and relaxation of your abdominal muscles, which will help to tone and strengthen them in the same way that certain exercises would. It is ideal for those that do not have a lot of time to dedicate to exercising and training and according to clinical studies results can be achieved in just thirty minutes per day.

All you have to do is put the Flex Belt on and let the device go to work on your abdominal muscles, which means that even when you are relaxing your muscles are being stimulated by the Flex Belt and are gaining strength and becoming increasingly toned. The device uses medical-grade gel pads, which are positioned to cover the abs and send out signals when you are using the device.

It then works all of the abdominal muscles for an effective and strengthening workout. It provides the benefits that you would get from doing crunches – except you do not have to put in the time or the effort to do crunches as the belt does the workout whilst you get on with your day.

A six-week study into the effects of the Flex Belt was carried out and an impressive 100 percent of participants felt the effects of the belt. All of the participants who tried the belt said that they felt that their abs were more firm and toned. Over 92 percent of participants said that the firmness of their abs had improved.

The Flex Belt can be used by both men and women and according to the manufacturers the results can be seen in a matter of weeks.
The main benefits of this product
Some of the main benefits of the Flex Belt include:
• It is a convenient and very easy to use the device
• It is FDA cleared for the strengthening and toning of abs
• It uses medical-grade technology to help tone and strength your abs
• It can be used by those who do not have a lot of time to exercise
• You can wear and use it whilst getting on with the rest of your day

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