exercise equipment for abs
Ab Belt & Roller

We all desire six-pack abs – or at least, toned abs for the women – because it is a mark of youthful health.  Plus, it definitely beats having a beer belly bouncing around like a ball on the beach and the pool.  Such passionate desire accounts for the popularity of the many exercise equipment for abs.

You can find this abs exercise equipment in online sites and in specialty sports shops.  We suggest looking through the shops first and then finding the items online.  This way, you can compare prices, read the reviews and negotiate for discounts so that you can get the better end of the deal.

Your choices in these pieces of specialized exercise equipment are many.  Many of these equipment are relatively simple while others verge on the sophisticated with gears, adjustments and other mechanical features.  Of course, the prices are often commensurate with the number of features available although it must be emphasized that the quality of the results is not necessarily equal to the quantity of money paid for the exercise equipment.

The results generated by any exercise equipment for abs depends on many factors.  Age, physical condition and health goals on one hand as well as frequency and manner of use of the equipment on the other hand are the most important of these factors in anticipating the results gained from the equipment.

For example, if you use the equipment just once a week for 30 minutes, you cannot expect to gain the same results as the person using it for 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Or if you use the equipment without adapting a healthy diet, engaging in cardio and resistance training exercises and leading a healthy lifestyle, then don’t expect to melt your belly fat that just so happens to cover your ab muscles.

Indeed, the exercise equipment for abs is just that – equipment.  You must use it in order to enjoy the benefits of its existence in your bedroom or mini-gym.

You have many choices in these types of exercise equipment.  The more popular today are as follows:

  • Ab rollers can strengthen abs muscles while taking the pressure off the neck muscles. You will then be motivated to exercise more since the feelings of physical soreness in the neck are eliminated.  Just take note that Ab Rollers only offer limited range of motion, which can work in or against your favor.  While it improves strength and function in the abdomen, it can also limit the development of the other muscles.
  • Horizontal ab exercise machines are similar to the seated ab machines. Its limitations include limited movement along a fixed path; lesser emphasis on the abs since the arms compensate; and no challenge to coordination and stability.  Still, its benefits of challenges by way of the addition of weights more than makes up for these limitations.

In the end, and we cannot overemphasize it, you have the power to maximize the benefits that the exercise equipment for abs brings into your workout regimen.  You must use it in a regular and proper maybe manner so as to gain effective results.  Otherwise, you just purchased something that will gather dust in the attic or become a tripping obstacle in your bedroom.

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