The Firm Wave Reviews

Firm Wave

You’re promised phenomenal results with your own personal gym to get into the best shape of your life. The Firm Wave  offers you over a hundred total-body exercises, supercharged calorie burning, and 24/7 fat burning. The Firm is a US company that is well established and well recommended for weight-loss DVDs, and they claim that the Wave is the only piece of exercise equipment you need to slim down, tone up and get a perfect flat tum.

You get the Wave, which is a two-sided platform, plus an exercise band, a dinky little mat for the Wave to sit on, and three DVDs with various length Cardio, Toning and Ab workouts on. You also get a diet guide and wallchart, and 30 days free membership to the Firm Believers Club which has an online forum, Q&A, and you can chat to the master instructors and other people “just like you” who are trying to lose weight. The cost for all this? Usually $99 but currently being offered at $60.

So will the Wave rock you to fitness and give you a perfect body like those instructors? Read on and find out!


Simple design, easy to store and you get all you need in the package.

It works really well! Cardio, toning and core workouts are combined to give you excellent fat burning, muscle toning and ab training all the same time; great if you don’t have much time to spare.

It’s amazingly versatile and can be used either side up. You can do exercises standing, sitting, lying and rocking on it. And it’s fun.

The workouts are really professionally produced and all different.


The design of the Wave is good but the actual product is a bit cheap and cheerful! And it creaks when you use it. And it has a weight limit of 275 lbs.

There’s quite a steep learning curve for the workouts, and the instructors go pretty fast. If you’re a complete beginner you have to stick with it, because you’ll get lost and left behind the first few times.

If you’re a bit unsteady on your feet, don’t be tempted to try the rocking side for a while; if your foot slips off, you get a whack on the ankle!

If you forget to cancel membership of the forum after the free month, you’ll be charged.

To buy or not to buy?

For the price, it’s a good product that you’ll be able to stick with and challenge yourself with for a long time, even as you get fitter

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