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There are many models of lifestyler treadmills like lifestyler 2000 treadmill, lifestyler 2808 treadmill, lifestyler 850 treadmill, lifestyler 800 treadmill and a lot more. But all of them have something in common. These lifestyler treadmills are cheap in cost and very reliable in performance. As mentioned in my previous post about lifestyler treadmill, these are the major reasons why this type of treadmill is being loved by most fitness experts and consumers.

Generally, a lot of exercise equipment users prefer to choose the lifestyler treadmill over the others due to its reliable performance which have been very popular to the market and of course its simplicity in design which results to its ease of use. The consistent consumer satisfaction has been the main key why a lot of these kinds of treadmills became the top choice for many prospective buyers in this industry.

Nowadays, there are still earlier models of this kind of treadmill that are being utilized in most residential homes and even in commercial places. Since this type of treadmill is not complicated in design and does not have so many unnecessary features for your basic workout needs, this treadmill can be easily repaired when minor problems arise by just following the troubleshooting guides that are reflected in the lifestyler treadmill manual. The accompanied manual has the step by step guide in troubleshooting the most common problems encountered in this treadmill.

When planning to begin your exercise routine

you can touch the button on the panel wherein the relevant information in your workout performance is being reflected. You can easily track your workout progress throughout the entire exercise activity. However, you have to select at least 2 HP (horsepower) motor when you have decided to purchase this kind of equipment. The very reason for this is that equipment like this with below the mentioned rating occasionally encountered a failure due to the demanding workloads from the users.

This treadmill, in addition with the above features, is also ideal for homes whenever there is a space constraint. Right after your workout activity, this treadmill can be folded and stored in your desired place. Conducting your regular exercise in any desired location in your house can be done easily since it possesses such great feature.

With such a user friendly type of exercise machine combined with the wide selections of different kinds of lifestyler treadmills, this inexpensive exercise machine is one of the bests and very ideal to our workout needs.
Lifestyler Treadmill Problems

Taking into consideration the problems that we may encounter in our lifestyler treadmill is a big factor in reducing health risks to us as users. Although we know that this treadmill is sturdy and very reliable in nature, its repeated use may also tend to fail like any other type of cardio exercise machines. Its repeated heavy use may cause some parts to be damaged or malfunctioned like motor, belt, rollers and frame.

Some of the most common problems that we may encounter in our treadmill are belt slippage, belt hang-up, and noise on the motor. And if these problems are not addressed immediately, these may result to shorter lifespan for your machine.

1. Belt Slippage – This treadmill problem is one of the most common problems as mentioned earlier. This normally occurs when the machine is used with the highest speed setting. When the machine is set also on a high inclination, it may result for your belt also to slip off on its rollers. The same thing may occur also if both the speed and inclination are set to its highest setting. With such condition, it may cause health risk to the user.

2. Belt Hang-up – Another common problem that we may experience in our machine is the belt hang-up. During your workout exercise, the belt of your machine might stop. This normally occurs when your treadmill is continuously being used for a long period of time. When this happens, it may require you to put some lubricants on your rollers or replace the belt if necessary.

3. Noise on the motor – Technically, following the specifications or required settings of your cardio machine is very important when having your workout exercise. For this kind of treadmill which is basically has motors which are small in construction, the speed requirement is only 4.5 miles per hour and is recommended not to exceed such speed during its operation. Once that speed is exceeded, noise on the motor will begin to experience and may result later on in damaging your motor for repeat use.

Above mentioned problems must be considered in order to prolong the lifespan of our treadmill. There are maintenance tips and ways on how to repair our machine mentioned in our previous posts that could help or guide us in addressing such problems. You may contact also its manufacturer or visit the nearest authorized service centers to help you on this.

Ways on How to Replace a Lifestyler Treadmill Belt

All treadmill parts have their particular lifespan and when the time comes, we should know and be ready on how to replace them. A lifestyler treadmill belt, for instance, when damaged or in need of replacement, is definitely not an easy thing to do. When replacing a belt of a lifestyler treadmill, it is a good idea that you seek help of somebody who can assist you in doing this task. Definitely, it would be very hard on your part to do this all by yourself. Just look for somebody who can help you before you start replacing the belt.

Now, before replacing the belt of your treadmill, make sure that the equipment is unplugged from its power source. Double check it if necessary. This is for your own safety before proceeding with this activity.

Here below are the step by step procedures in replacing the belt of your treadmill.

1. Take a look on your treadmill. There is a motor cover in it and you need to remove it. As you will notice, there are six screws fastened on this cover and you need to unscrew these all. Use a screwdriver to do this. Once you are done unscrewing the six screws, remove the motor cover gently.

2. Check the side of the rear roller. You will see here the adjustment bolts. These bolts need to be taken off. In order to do this, you will need a hex key from your treadmill tools. Use this hex key and loosen the bolts. Then once loosen, you can now take off these adjustments bolts.

3. Check also for the deck bolts. There are four deck bolts. Use the hex key to remove these bolts.

4. Look also for the adjustment bolts located in the front roller. Remove these bolts. You will also need the hex key to remove these adjustment bolts.

5. On both rollers, you will notice that there end caps and you will need to pop these end caps. In order to do this, you will need to use a flat head screwdriver.

6. Now, instruct the person who is assisting you to elevate or raise the front end up. This must be done while the front rollers are very near to the pulley. Then, you will need to pull the treadmill belt off while the treadmill is in that up position. Remind your assistant to continue holding it up until you have pulled out the belt.

7. Insert the new belt now by slipping it over the rear and front rollers. This must be done while the equipment is in up or elevated position. Put the end caps back where you pop these off previously.

Then tighten the adjustments bolts respectively. First, you will need to tighten the bolts on the front rollers followed by the bolts on the rear rollers. Then, put back the motor cover and tighten all screws respectively.

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