See Why this is the Best Wristband Tracker for You

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Are you looking for the best wristband fitness tracker that you can easily and conveniently use to track your daily fitness goals and activities?

Are you someone who is looking for the best fitness wristband that can quickly and accurately measure your activity statistics and monitor your fitness goals?

Do you want to know why the Garmin Vivosmart is the best tracker band that is ideal for your everyday use?

The Garmin Vivosmart is the fitness band that is designed to be very light and you won’t even feel it’s on your wrist! You can easily use it to monitor your daily fitness statistics and you can conveniently track your daily progress with it.

It can measure your daily statistics almost instantly. And it can quickly record how many calories you burned, how many steps you’ve taken, and a lot more. You can effortlessly track your fitness goals with this tracker band. You can wear it worry-free even when you are in the shower or while swimming.

The Vivosmart is ideal for your everyday use. It has tons of features that you will definitely love. Because I like it so much, I am sharing with you the things that I learned about it. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Sleek Touchscreen Wristband

The Vivosmart is Garmin’s best wristband tracker. It has a sleek design but loaded with tons of features. You can simply double tap it to reveal its hidden OLED touchscreen and you can easily swipe to navigate.

Smart Notifications

You can monitor all your calls, texts, emails and other notifications with the Vivosmart via Bluetooth connection. You will be notified through its vibration alerts so that you will not miss a thing.

Features and Specifications

  • Super easy to operate using touch and swipe
  • Features an activity tracker that quickly monitors your progress and displays the number of steps you’ve taken, calories you’ve burned, distance you’ve traveled and a lot more
  • Notifies you about your incoming calls, texts, meetings, emails and other notifications through its vibration alerts
  • Installed with a hidden OLED display which can be activated by a double tap to the touchscreen
  • Can be used continuously for up to 7 days before the battery needs to be charged
  • Can be used even while having a shower or while swimming
  • Elegant and sleek touchscreen band
  • Syncs strategically and automatically with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • Includes an alarm clock that alerts you with a gentle vibration
  • Monitors your sleep and gives you information on your total sleep hours, periods of movement, restful sleep, and a lot more
  • Accurately records your heart rate by using an external heart rate monitor
  • Can be paired with your fitness sensors to monitor your heart rate, bike speed or your VIRB Elite action camera
  • Reminds you to move around through its inactivity alert feature
  • Beautifully designed in 5 colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Berry and Slate
  • Two sizes to choose from: Small (5.0″-6.8″/127mm-172mm) and Large (6.1″-8.7″/155mm-221mm)

Customer Reviews and Scores

The Vivosmart is the best wristband tracker that Garmin has designed. It is the best option for you if you’re looking for a fitness wristband that is lightweight but loaded with very useful features.

While doing this review, I found 808 customer reviews from the verified owners at Amazon. The majority of these people considers it as the best fitness wristband and they gave it a rating of  3.7 out of 5 Stars.

All in all, the reviews about the Vivosmart are very remarkable. But there were a few who had some issues with it. One of them said, “Don’t support non-Latin characters, such as Chinese.

But after a careful review on the other reviews, no one else has experienced the same concern so, perhaps, it’s not a widespread problem. Other customers said, “The Vivosmart is so light you don’t even know it is there.” and “I don’t normally do product reviews, but I really love this thing.” and “The fitness band to have.” then finally “Vivosmart satisfies my needs.”

Most people would recommend the Vivosmart because it is the best fitness wristband from Garmin. That makes it easy for me to endorse it to you as well.


The Vivosmart is the best wristband tracker in Garmin’s fitness band line. You can easily and conveniently use it for your fitness activities and it can perform most the tasks you throw at it. The majority who considers this as the best fitness wristband are very satisfied and they would even endorse it to others.

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