exercise equipment for abs

We all desire six-pack abs – or at least, toned abs for the women – because it is a mark of youthful health.  Plus, it definitely beats having a beer belly bouncing around like a ball on the beach and the pool.  Such passionate desire accounts for the popularity of the many exercise equipment for abs. […]

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abdominal exercise equipment

Contrary to popular opinion, abdominal exercise equipment is not limited to the devices we see on infomercials like the Ab Rocker, Ab Roller and Ab Lounge.  Of course, these devices are designed to assist the individual in exercising for the purpose of attaining six-pack abs but there are other pieces of equipment that are equally, if not […]

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The Cardio Twister Review

Cardio Twister

Claims to get you fit with a twist, as the handlebars twist from side to side while you work your legs on the bidirectional stepper. There’s a 30 day trial offer for $14.95 which includes the machine, diet guide, workout DVD and the user manual, with optional extras of a low-fat, low calorie diet planner, […]

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The T-Bow Reviews

t bow

The T-Bow claims to offer Cardio, Power, Strength Training, Balance, Core Stability and Stretching all in one package.  Similar in shape to The Firm Wave but larger, sturdier (takes up to 660 lbs) and better designed, the T-Bow offers a complete home or studio workout. There are no bells or whistles with the advertising, and no overexcited video presentation, […]

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Do Ab Belts Really Work? | Electric Ab Belt Side Effects

Do Ab Belts Really Work

If you’re a woman who craves a lean, flat stomach, one type of product that you might have considered or be considering is an ab belt. Most commonly seen on late-night infomercials, these products promise to help you get a flat set of six-pack abs in no time – with minimal effort on your part. […]

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Does The Flex Belt Work?

Does The Flex Belt Work

One problem that many people encounter when trying to get into shape is difficulty in toning the abs. Of course, toned and honed are words that we would all love to hear about our abs but it can be difficult to achieve this look. Exercise is a valuable part of getting toned and into shape […]

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The Firm Wave Reviews

Firm Wave

You’re promised phenomenal results with your own personal gym to get into the best shape of your life. The Firm Wave  offers you over a hundred total-body exercises, supercharged calorie burning, and 24/7 fat burning. The Firm is a US company that is well established and well recommended for weight-loss DVDs, and they claim that the […]

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Ab Flyer Reviews | Ab Flyer Glide System

Ab Flyer

Ab Flyer Reviews Yet another ab machine that claims to give you the incredible, sculpted, ripped six-pack and hourglass waist that you’ve always dreamed about.  This one is innovative as you’re up off the floor kneeling on pads and swinging your knees in a Unique Reverse Arc Motion so that you can blast all of […]

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The Ab Rocket Review | Ab Rocket Exercises


Enthusiastically advertised as the way to turn that spare Tyre around your middle into rocket-hard abs, not forgetting the Flex master attachment (costing more, of course), that can help turn your Ab Rocket into a sort of Pilates machine for a full-body workout. The hype burbles on, telling you that if you want sizzling hot […]

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