The T-Bow Reviews

t bow

The T-Bow claims to offer Cardio, Power, Strength Training, Balance, Core Stability and Stretching all in one package.  Similar in shape to The Firm Wave but larger, sturdier (takes up to 660 lbs) and better designed, the T-Bow offers a complete home or studio workout.

There are no bells or whistles with the advertising, and no overexcited video presentation, just a visual run-through of everything that can be done with it.

And very impressive it is too. Very calm, very precise, very Swiss. And they make the best chocolate in the world as well 

Developed by a Swiss physiotherapist, the T-Bow combines all the elements of fitness in a workout that’s just about perfect for anyone from a couch potato to an international athlete.

The T-Bow complete set costs $199 and you get the T-Bow, a workout DVD that’s presented in a very workmanlike fashion, and an exercise band and  wallchart. The basic T-Bow on its own costs $139.


Much higher quality than the Firm Wave as far as manufacture goes, and will take much more weight — this thing will last for ever and comes with a five-year guarantee.  The workout is effective and easy to follow, even if you’ve got two left feet, and will work every muscle you never knew you had!  Can be used either side up and is dead easy to store and carry, making it absolutely perfect for the home user.


The price. At $199 it costs twice as much as the Firm Wave.  And the DVD, although perfectly acceptable, is just one 70 minute workout, which is then broken down into shorter workouts, so although they advertise over three hours of exercises, it’s really just the same workout revamped – which is a bit of a disappointment.  And the workout is presented in both English and German, which is a bit disconcerting!

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Perfection would be the T-Bow board combined with the Firm Wave DVDs!  But it’s not a perfect world and if I had to choose, I’d spend the extra money and get the T-Bow – the difference in quality of manufacture is staggering.  But it has to be said that they’ll both do a good job of improving your fitness and toning you from top to toe.

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