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The Flex Belt
Ab Belt & Roller

The Flex Belt is a medical grade device based on scientific principle of muscle stimulation transmitted through electric impulses. It is the first electric muscle stimulation product that has been cleared by the FDA for direct sales to consumers.

It is produced by a company that has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing EMS devices which were primarily used for treating patients who had ailments that were related to muscles and their movement.
Such EMS devices are used and prescribed by more than 5000 medical practitioners and clinics all around the world.

The Working of Flex Belt

The Flex Belt has been constructed by three propositioned, medical grade Gel Pads, one at the central abdominal muscle and the other two placed one at each oblique. These are the areas where nerves are most concentrated. These nerves branch out throughout the abdominal muscles.

When the belt begins working a slow the belt starts vibrating and the signals are sent to the ab muscles. This movement gives a uniform workout to the muscles toning and strengthening them.
It is very important to note that although the main principle behind the working of Flex Belt is Electric impulses, these impulses are safe for human use and hence there is no side effects caused when the belt is used on a regular basis.


When Flex Belt is used on a daily basis, you are sure to see visible changes in your abdominal muscles within 4 to 8 weeks which is very quick for a device of this kind. When wearing the belt you would be able to feel a rhythmic vibration of contracting, holding and relaxing, which is how the belt works.

This is similar to your crunches or any other ab workouts. The only difference being that, while doing such exercises you have to spend separate time for working out and also there is the risk of straining your spine. With Flex Belt you can get the same results with no effort at all.

The levels of vibration ranges from 1 to 150 and you can choose the intensity that you want. For most beginners level one would be best option to start with. You can increase the intensity slowly as you feel more confident and want more work to be done in your abdomen.


In many other sports and exercise equipment, you would find factious people endorsing the product. However, Flex Belt has been endorsed by real people who have used the product and are happy with the result they have obtained.
Some of the famous people who have endorsed the Flex Belt include San Francisco 49 ers All Star, Jerry Rice. Jerry rice in his testimonial has said although he has an athletic build, working abdominal muscles was one major work for him, which was reduced by the Flex Belt.

Janet Evan who has got 4 Gold Medals in Swimming in Olympics is another person who is absolutely satisfied with Flex Belt and recommends it to others too. She affirms that being a swimming champion, it is important for her to have a firm core. But exercises for the core region take too much time.

Flex Belt does all the core exercises including 150 contractions and relaxation for her in just few minutes without any work on her part. She is happy that this exercise is done without depriving of her time spent with her family or hindering any routine.

Even scientists who have vast experience in EMS like John Porcari, who is Professor of Exercise and
Sport Science, University of Wisconsin and Dr Frank Cohen who is a renowned chiropractor have verified the working of Flex Belt and confirmed its results to be true and not any kind of gimmick.
The Cost and Package

When compared to large sums of money spent in gyms and supplements that have no guarantee of giving what they claim, the cost of Flex Belt is very low.
It is priced at just $199.99 per belt. When you order more than one belt you get irresistibly attractive offer that reduce the total money spent on the belt.
With every order you get the Flex Belt and Gel Pads, the rechargeable power supply that can also be used for other flex products such as the Flex Mini and Flex Arms, a belt extension for people whose waists measure more than 44 inches and an instruction manual.

Money Back Guarantee and Assured Gifts

For people who have doubts in their mind about the working of the belt and those who are not sure about the credibility of the claims made by the company, the manufacturers have sent a clear signal of reliability by giving a 60 days money back guarantee.

Yes, it is unbelievable, but true – 60 full days for you to judge if you really want the product. It is quite a long time to come to a conclusion, because you are sure to see changes in your abdominal muscles within the first 4 weeks.
To add up to the excitement is the assured gift with every purchase of the Flex Belt, being 30 days of free access to $50 worth patent pending meal planner that is popular as one of the most advanced and healthy meal planner to reduce weight quickly.

Another assured gift is the free subscription to Fitness, Elle or Maxim Magazines for one full year, with tons of workout tips, nutritious recipes and more.


Owning Flex Belt is an asset for people who are conscious about their abdomen and want to have a toned and firm abdominal region. You are sure to feel more confident and radiant after the first month of use of Flex Belt.
Millions of customers are witnessing this; you would be one more too.

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