t bow

The T-Bow Reviews

The T-Bow claims to offer Cardio, Power, Strength Training, Balance, Core Stability and Stretching all in one package.  Similar in shape to The Firm Wave but larger, sturdier (takes up to 660 lbs) and better designed, the T-Bow offers a complete home or studio workout. There are no bells or whistles with the advertising, and no overexcited video presentation, …

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Firm Wave

The Firm Wave Reviews

You’re promised phenomenal results with your own personal gym to get into the best shape of your life. The Firm Wave  offers you over a hundred total-body exercises, supercharged calorie burning, and 24/7 fat burning. The Firm is a US company that is well established and well recommended for weight-loss DVDs, and they claim that the …

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Slimming Diets

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Online Weight Loss Help

One of the instances when you tend to binge on food happens when you are under emotional stress. Whether you are unconscious or conscious of what you are doing, food can offer comfort when you are dealing with problems. Being an emotional eater can be downright frustrating especially if you seriously want to succeed in …

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