Types Of Longboards Description In Details

Types Of Longboards


Longboarding is getting popular day by day. So the production of the longboard is also growing. In the 90s, there were just a few types of longboards. At present, there are different types of longboards available.

Most of the people are not aware of different types of longboards. So they sometimes fail to choose the proper board. If you are aware of the types then you will be able to get a good board.

Many people asked for an article about longboard types. Considering the fact, here I am with an article “Types of longboards”

Today, I will show you different types of longboards with proper classification. If you read them all clearly you will understand the appropriate longboard for you. The beginners, professionals, freestyle performers, short riders, long riders, and others need different longboards from each other. I will also recommend the appropriate board for you. So, let’s learn the types.

Types of Longboard

Longboards can be classified considering some factors. There are mainly two factors. First the main types and second, the shapes. Here I will discuss all types of longboards according to different factors. So, keep reading the article.

  1. According to the Main Types

Drop Through Board

Drop through boards are perfect for relaxing longboarding. The boards are durable and look stylish. The beginner will get good benefits from having this longboard. The board lets you cruise easily. Besides, you will enjoy a free ride having this longboard.

The best thing about the board is, it has a better stability. So, there is a lower chance to face unexpected accidents. You will get a good balance with this board. I have said the board is comparatively safer. But you have to maintain all the safety features.

Downhill Longboard

If you want to ride down to hills then downhill boards are perfect. The boards are designed to move down smoothly with a straight direction

The longboard is made with the best quality materials. The board is usable in all kinds of terrain. There is a defined front and rear which help to go straight. Most of the board will wobble while going down. Downhill board will not wobble while going down.

Downhill boards are not for the beginners. If you are a specialist then downhill boards are good for you.

Cruising Longboard

Cruising boards are perfect for a short ride. If you are starting with longboard then crushing longboard is best for you. It will get a good level of stability with this board. happy to know that you can easily control the board in crowded places.

The board is comparatively wider and the deck is better. If you want a longboard for reaching malls, nearby shops or your college then cruising longboards are perfect. I said the board is perfect for the beginners. The reason behind saying this thing is awesome balancing. You will get the highest level of balancing having a cruising longboard and the best cruiser longboards are discussed in detail here.

Craving Longboard

Longboarding is a passion. People generally learn longboarding for two reasons. First, for riding nearby places and second, for learning tricks. Craving is one of the most popular tricks. There is one kind of longboard which is perfect for learning craving.

Craving boards are not for beginners. You can perform some different techniques for having this board. You can swipe past the obstacles of your riding path easily. It’s hard to turn on different angels in a moment. Craving longboards helps to change the angles systematically. If you have the intention to learn tricks then choose a craving board.

Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo longboards are very much lighter in weight. If you wish to carry your board to a picnic or camping then bamboo boards are appropriate for you. The boards are made of high-quality and lightweight bamboo. That’s why the board is lighter.

The best thing about the board is you can perform different tricks having this board. It runs very smoothly. It is also highly durable. There is only one negative side to these boards. It’s hard to change the wheels of the board. The board is comparatively lighter in weight. As you might show it to your friends on a picnic, the design of the board is also excellent.

  1. According to the Shape

Fishtail Longboards

If you are looking for a long riding longboard then the fishtail board is appropriate for you. The board is wider in the base center. The unique thing about the bike is, it comes with a split tail.

The board looks just like a split tail surfboard. So, you will get the advantage of classic surf style having this board. The tail helps in riding a long distance. Another good advantage of the board is it helps to make sharp turns. In the case of most of the boards, you have it is difficult to make sharp turns. But you can do it easily with the fishtail board.

Some people like the design of the fishtail board and some don’t like it. So it’s up to you whether you will love it or not.

Mini Cruiser Longboards

This is kind of a short cruiser board. The main thing about the mini cruiser board is the length. The length of the mini cruiser board is 33 inches or less. The board provides a good level of speed. You can also make easy turns. As the boards are mini, they are lighter I’m weight. These types of boards are appropriate for the professional.

If you are a beginner then say no to min cruiser shortboards. The board doesn’t provide a good level of stability. You will never learn properly having this board. You won’t get a good balance. The boards are very easy to store and carry.

Pintail Longboards

Other types of the longboard are pintail longboard. The board has a wider base center and a sharp nose. The board is best for directional riding. The board is designed with curves out wheels. This is the main reason for convenient directional riding.

The board also has a tail and sharper taper. It helps in sharp turning. Another great advantage of this board is, it provides good balancing. So, the beginners will feel better having a pintail longboard. Most of the people like the design of this board. Besides, these types of boards are highly durable.

Blunt Longboards

Blunt longboards are one of the best options for beginners. You will get the highest level of stability for having this board. Another thing is easy balancing. A newbie can easily learn longboarding having this board. This board is also perfect for learning beginner tricks.

These boards are not appropriate for the professional riders. The board has a round and wider tail and nose. The board has not much clearance like the other boards. As a result, it is not perfect for making sharp turns. So, I suggest the board only for the beginners.

Speed Board Longboard

There is another type of longboard speed longboard. The name says the boards are specialists in speed. The speed lovers will enjoy riding the board.

These boars are designed with high-quality wheels and lightweight materials. It ensures a good speed. If you want to do a longboard adventure then these types of boards are appropriate for you.

Cut Out Longboard

There is the bi-directional board. They are made of drop-through trucks. It allows running the board with a good speed. You will also get a good level of stability. So the beginners will feel comfortable having the board.

The best thing about these boards is, they have the most wheel clearance. So you can take sharp turning with good stability. The boards are perfect for downhill.

If you want to learn freestyle then these boards are also good. You can easily learn tricks having this board. These boards have comparatively larger wheels than other boards.

Twin Longboard

If you are looking for a multi-directional skating longboard then twin longboards are perfect for you. First, the board was introduced in the 90s. That time, the board had narrow sides. Later on, it comes with a wider side design.

Twin longboards also come with different designs. The best type twin boards are wider and equipped with larger soft wheels. You can try different types of tricks having twin longboards.

The board has good stability even at a good speed. So, the newbies can learn tricks having twin longboards. The board has a great design as well as durability. So, ultimately these boards will be a good choice for you.

Drop Down Longboard

The board is designed with a lower deck and a lower nose. That’s why the board provides good stability. The board is appropriate for making a long ride. You can comfortably make a long ride as you can easily push the board.

The board has good size wheels. Besides, the design of the board is very nice. It has also good wheel clearance like cut out longboards.

Different Types of Boards with Different Features

I have already described different types of longboards. But you can differ a longboard considering its ability and features. There are different types of longboards having different constructions. Here I will also discuss them.


All the longboards are not made with the same material. There are some longboards made of mainly bamboo, some boards with plywood and some of the hardwood. All of them are highly durable.

The bamboo boards are comparatively lighter and wooden boards are a bit heavier. If you are looking for a portable board then a bamboo board is better. Beginners should start with a board made of hardwood or plywood.

Kick Tail

At present, most of the boards have front and back kick tails. Some boards haven’t any kick tails. Kicktail is an important feature.

Kick tails help to perform different tricks. Besides, you can make sharp turns if the board has kick tails. Kicktail is the mist for the professionals.


According to the length, you can differ longboards from each other. Some longboards are longer. Those boards provide good stability. The beginners will get good benefits from those types of boards. There is a negative side to this board. The board is not easy to make a turn.

Some boards are smaller in length. The boards are comparatively lighter in weight. You can carry them easily to any camping or picnic. As the boards are smaller you can make good turns. Small boards are not appropriate for beginners. But the professionals will get good benefits from these types of boards.


There are also different types of wheels of a longboard. The wheel can differ a board from others. There you can consider a board according to the wheel’s weight, shape, width, core, and others.

Try to select a board whose wheel can be changed. The wheel is the key feature that provides the grip between the board and the road.


Trucks are important for ensuring stability and control. For beginners, it is an important issue. It will maintain the side to side movement of the longboard.

When you are having a long ride you have to ensure the truck of the board is adjusted according to your need. Otherwise, you will never have a smooth ride.


There are different types of boards with different types of bearings. Bearings can differ in understanding the ABEC rating. Bearings mainly determined the speed of a longboard. If the AEDC rating of a longboard is higher then the bearings are better. So I suggest choosing a board with good AEDC raring.

Wheelspin of a board also depends on bearings. If you have high-quality bearings then you will get good benefits while downhill and racing.

Final Verdict

I think you have already got enough information about the different types of longboards. I have described the main differences between different types of boards. I have also explained a part where I differ some longboard according to their features and construction.

Read all the types and you will get the main differences of any board. Hopefully, you will have no more confusion about different types of longboards.

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